A Lightweight Application for Recording User Interactions

Ovo Solo is a simple to use video recording application that allows you to record in one of 4 configurations. It resides on the client machine and records user interactions with either the screen only, the screen and single webcam, a single webcam only, or two web cams.

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Demo Version

You may request a demo version that will allow you to try out all the features of Ovo Solo 3.0. You may only use it to evaluate Ovo Solo 3.0 features and functionality. In keeping with the intended use of the trial version, all video has a very prominent textual overlay.

One Webcam

Ovo Solo can record a single DirectShow compliant "webcam", via USB or built into the bezel of a notebook PC.

Two Webcams

Ovo Solo can also record two webcams in a side-by-side configuration.

User PC

Ovo Solo can record the PC desktop of the computer on which it is installed, i.e., its own desktop.

User PC & Webcam

Ovo Solo can record its own PC desktop with an embedded webcam feed.

Functional Highlights

Multiple Logging Methods

  • Real time via iOS device running the free Ovo Studios app available from the iStore.
  • When recording cameras-only, logging can be done real time on the Ovo Solo PC itself
  • When a user is working at the Ovo Solo PC and their screen is being recorded, logging can be done real time via a second computer sharing same network as Ovo Solo PC.

Record and Share Video Within Seconds

  • No post-processing required in order to view and share video.
  • Create video highlights to add to Word, PowerPoint, and other applications.
  • Perfect for students.
  • Windows Media based video for easy sharing with any computer running a Windows operating system.

Technical Specifications

Ovo Solo is built using Microsoft .NET technologies and Microsoft Expressions Encoder. To use Ovo Solo, you will need a computer that meets the following minimum specifications. Of course, it is always a good idea to exceed minimum specifications because of other applications and processes that might be running or be scheduled to run.

After much UX research, your hard drive might fill up with video files if you don't take action to manage your data. Use the following estimated video file sizes for planning purposes:

What Can't Ovo Solo Do?

Ovo Solo does not capture time on task, textual logging, reporting, descriptive statistics or reporting. It is not an enterprise-level logging, analysis, and reporting solution, nor is it an A/V command center for your fixed or portable usability lab. If you are interested in robust features and functionality like these, please consider Ovo Logger.

Technical Support

Ovo Solo 3.0 is so straight-forward that our documentation is only a few pages long. In the event that you require support, it is available for $49/incident, payable by credit card at the time support is rendered.