Usability Labs for Medical Device Testing

Surgical Suite Research Solutions

Ovo Studios Medical Device labs are created to have a compact, unobtrusive design for use in any medical or clinical environment. We can employ small form-factor cameras, rollable hardware racks, and shielded cabling to meet your test team's rigorous standards.

  • Design
  • We can design a "rollable lab" that can be easily deployed in a surgical suite without any fixed hardware.
  • Easy to set up so that it doesn't intrude or interfere with the clinical environment.
  • Recording
  • Native device capture from any medical device with a video out on it, e.g., fluoroscopes, CT scans, ultrasound.
  • Mix feeds from the device with a camera feed of the physical environment or the clinician's workspace.
  • Real-time observation can be set up in a separate environment so as not to distract the patient or provider.
  • Technology
  • Combine video recording and researcher logs with biometric data.
  • Call up video recordings based on key points in the biometric log.
  • Ovo Logger's automated analysis of quantitative metrics provides key insights fast.
  • Intuitive charts and graphs show results visually for maximum impact with stakeholders.
  • Flexible and Customized
  • Do you plan on having observers? If so, will they be local or remote?
  • What video format(s) do the devices and monitors in your suite output?
  • Do you think your doctors will agree to wear a microphone or will we need some other strategy?
  • How many cameras would you like around the sterile field?