Usability Labs

You Secure the Space, We'll Do the Rest

At Ovo Studios, we understand that no two user experience labs are alike. We'll work with your UX Team, Facilities staff, and Project Managers to implement your lab's A/V infrastructure, including conduit and electrical placement. Then we'll come on site to install all A/V equipment and cabling involved in the Usability Lab solution. After installation, Ovo Studios will train your staff how to use your turnkey lab and act as your remote lab manager, assisting with any questions or issues that may arise.

Usability Lab - A Generic Suite

Record and View Virtually Anything: Mobile devices, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, eye-tracking feeds, cameras -- if it can produce a video signal, an Ovo Studios fixed lab can record it and display it throughout your lab space. Even better, it's all HD quality.

Integrated Lab Control: Pan/Zoom/Tilt your cameras, adjust input volume, and send any feed to any display or capture device all from the click of a mouse button from within Ovo Studios' software.

Ovo Studios' Lab Design Process

Usability Lab Design
  • Step 1: Ovo Designs
  • Meet online with you to understand needs.
  • Identify your budget constraints.
  • Exchange information via drawings, emails, and photos.
  • Finalize requirements.
  • Issue proposal.
Usability Lab Installation
  • Step 2: Ovo Installs
  • Ongoing: Interact with architects, trades, and facilities during construction.
  • The week before install: Equipment is shipped to you.
  • Monday of install week: Ovo arrives on site, unpacks equipment, begins install.
  • Tuesday: Ovo continues install.
  • Wednesday: Ovo wraps up install.
  • Step 3: Ovo Commissions, Trains, & Supports
  • Wednesday: Ovo verifies lab functionality.
  • Thursday: Ovo trains your team how to use their lab.
  • Ongoing: Ovo assists with how-to tips and troubleshooting via email, phone, and online meetings.
  • Ovo issues new Ovo Logger freeware licenses to new team members.

Intuitive, Minimalist Design: You shouldn't need to be an AV professional to operate your UX lab space. Ovo Studios designs and installs labs that take the guesswork out of how to control the components of your lab. Our software can control the entire lab with a few clicks of a mouse, leaving you free to moderate, observe, and take notes.

Customized and Turnkey: Whether you test web sites and software applications, aerospace equipment, or baby food, you can rest assured that your lab space will accommodate any and all angles of viewing and capturing the user experience. Even better, you can switch between observation and capture scenarios with a few clicks of your mouse. An Ovo Studio lab is built exactly to your specifications and requirements.

Troubleshooting Support: You do user research, we'll worry about supporting your lab. Our support staff knows your system like the back of their hand and there is almost nothing that we cannot diagnose and remedy remotely. We've got your back.