Usability Labs for Software and Web

What Software are You Testing Today?

Our software usability customers test everything from 3d modeling software to financial analysis platforms to ecommerce systems. They test websites, thick desktop applications, middleware, operating systems. If it happens on screen with a mouse and a keyboard -- regardless of operating system -- the Ovo Studios software usability lab solution is for you.

  • Design
  • Ovo Studios designs usable usability labs. You don't have to be an AV expert to run a study.
  • Robust, yet compact. All of our fixed lab hardware fits into a half-height under-counter rack.
  • Ovo Studios Design Staff works with your facilities team, IT department, and UX team to design the perfect lab for YOU.
  • Recording
  • Record any OS at full-resolution, without software on the User Machine.
  • Recording your way: pre-mix sources on a customizable palette, or record all sources independently and mix together later.
  • Streaming out of the box for remote observers.
  • Technology
  • Control all your lab hardware from point-and-click controls built in to the Ovo Logger software suite.
  • All HD quality, real-time feeds distributed to your observation spaces.
  • Ovo Logger Freeware allows multi-practitioner teams to do all pre-test prep and post-test analysis on their daily driver machines.
  • Flexibility and Customization
  • Do you moderate from behind the glass or seated next to the user?
  • Do you test with remote users?
  • Do remote team members need to view your test?
  • Does your product run on multiple monitors?
  • Is there a mobile version of your product? If so, see our Mobile UX Labs.