Usability Software: Ovo Logger

Enterprise-Ready Software for User Experience Research

Ovo Logger ADC, is a robust, extensible observational logging platform that is intended for the rigors of user-centered design activities in an enterprise environment. Built to control Ovo Studios usability labs and portable usability labs, Ovo Logger can also accommodate pre-existing labs with video recording, observational logging, highlight clip and reel creation and processing, and automated analysis and reporting.

Ovo Logger Supports Almost Any Research Methodology

  • Built by UX professionals and refined over years by UX researchers' feedback.
  • Combine free-form note taking, categorization of behaviors, and QuickLog transcribing features to paint the complete picture of the user experience.
  • Take notes in real time, post hoc, or allow multiple viewers to view and log remotely.

Ovo Logger Records Any User's Experience

  • Records any operating system.
  • Records any video format
  • Imposes no load on user computer system resources.
  • Imposes no requirements on user computer graphic card.
  • Requires no software installation on the user's computer or device.