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Ovo Studios Products

Ovo Studios has a comprehensive family of products that supports user testing activities. Our products scale from the needs of independent consultants to teams of usability professionals within a corporate enterprise.

If you are looking for flexibility, power, and extensibility for video processes and data analysis, then Ovo Logger is the platform for you. Record computer video from any operating system up to resolutions of 2048 x 1536 at 30 frames per second with stereo audio. Record live video from any kind of camera, camcorder, or webcam. Include any number of team mates as loggers or remote observers. See details for Ovo Logger.


If you are an independent consultant (or a corporate practitioner on a limited budget) who needs to do some software usability testing, then Ovo Solo is the tool for you. Record the user's computer screen using software installed on the user's computer. Record the user's face from a webcam installed on the user's computer. Log data from a single networked logging computer. See details for Ovo Solo.


Ovo Studios, LLC has been providing turnkey fixed usability labs and portable usability labs to industry and academia for years. Our portable labs are truly portable. Our fixed labs use studio and broadcast quality components and are designed to be tools that support your user-centered design efforts, not be ends unto themselves. See details for Ovo Studios Fixed Usability Labs and Portable Usability Labs.