Usability Labs and Software

By UX Pros for UX Pros

Ovo Studios was founded about years ago by usability professionals who observed a distinct lack of tools to service the usability and user experience industry. Today, our products are used by top UX practitioners from a variety of fields including financial, game development, software and web development, aerospace, and more.

Usability Labs

Ovo can design a custom, turnkey user experience lab and support your lab from day 1. Ovo Studios can build a lab that will fit your needs and budget.

Portable Usability Labs

Our portable UX labs set up and tear down in 15 minutes or less. And it all fits in a handy-dandy roll-on that fits in most airplane overhead bins.

Ovo Logger Software

Enterprise-Ready Software for User Research.
The heart of Ovo's fixed and portable labs.

Ovo Solo Software

Bite-Sized Ovo Logger to record the user's screen, webcam, and voice on their PC.