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We are happy to announce that Rich Gunther was re-elected as UXPA President for 2013. Congratulations Rich!

Meet us at UXPA 2013 in Washington, D.C. -- Ovo Studios will have a booth in the exhibition hall if you would like to discuss our usability lab offerings.

What Are You Usability Testing Today?

If you are a product usability expert who is searching for tools to help you do your job, then you've come to the right place. For fifteen years, Ovo Studios has been delivering usability software, usability lab solutions, and services that meet the needs of the product usability community.

Screenshot from an iPhone Recording

Mobile Devices

If you're testing apps on the iPhone, Ovo Studios can record from completely un-tethered and non-jail-broken iPhones.
Sample Video: Original .WMV | Flash

With Ovo Studios, iPhone video can be distributed throughout your fixed usability lab so observers can easily watch users interact with their apps.

Testing apps on a platform other than Apple or want to record the user's gestures? Take a look at our device camera.

Screenshot from an iPad Recording


If you're testing apps on the iPad, Ovo Studios can record directly from completely un-tethered iPads.
Sample Video: Original .WMV | Low-res Flash

With Ovo Studios, an iPad can be displayed on monitors in our fixed usability labs so your observers can easily watch users interact with their apps.

Websites, Client Applications,
& Just About Anything Else

Usability Testing Console for Fixed Usability Lab
The Ovo Workstation unifies logging, recording, observation, and A/V hardware controls into a single console, providing test administrators with a powerful and efficient mechanism for managing the tasks associated with usability testing and fixed usability lab management.
Usability software for usability testing - Ovo Logger
Our flagship Ovo Logger usability testing software scales to the needs of the enterprise level team. Ovo Logger is capable of supporting multiple loggers, streaming multiple video streams to multiple remote viewers, capturing VGA from any platform, and serving as the hub of our fixed and portable lab solutions.
Usability software for usability testing - Ovo Solo Ovo Solo usability testing software meets the needs of smaller teams who are conducting one-on-one software usability tests. Learn more.
Portable usability lab from Ovo Studios
For the practitioner who needs the platform independence and A/V flexibility of an Ovo Studios fixed lab, but who needs to test on the road. Ovo Studios portable usability labs are the perfect blend of flexibility and compactness.

Usability labs from Ovo Studios
Ovo Studios Fixed Usability Labs and Focus Group Facilities are unmatched in their extensible A/V/VGA architecture, methodological robustness, and flexible support for to-be-tested product types.