Usability Labs for Mobile

Real Time Observation Without Peeking Over Shoulders

Mobile UX research is essential to understanding how customers use your products on the go. Building on the foundation of our Software Testing Labs, Ovo Studios has designed research labs for mobile device manufacturers and wireless service providers around the world.

Whether you are working with mobile phones or tablets, we understand the constraints involved in this testing and can ensure your research team has the best possible research experience.

  • Design
  • Field-tested strategies supporting Android, iOS, and E Ink.
  • Digital conversion labs integrating feeds from computers, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and Smart TVs.
  • Real-time observation that does not intrude on the user's personal space.
  • Recording
  • Mobile OS recording with users enjoying a natural, "untethered" interaction with devices.
  • Seamless recording through orientation changes.
  • Device mirroring augmentation via camera to capture every pinch and zoom of a gesture-rich App.
  • Technology
  • Multi-input capture of 2nd-screen experiences that pre-mix your mobile devices with other connected media.
  • High-resolution, auto-focusing cameras clearly capture your user's gestures.
  • Automated white balance and iris control help accommodate screen reflectivity.
  • Flexibility and Customization
  • Does your product run on iOS, Android, or both?
  • Ovo supports un-tethered capture of mobile OS. Do you want to capture gestures too?
  • Do you plan on testing desktop versions of your product too? If so, see our Software Testing Labs.