The UCD Decision Matrix: How, When, and Where to Sell User-Centered Design into the Development Cycle

Rich Gunther - Rockwell Software
Jeff Janis
- Progressive Insurance
Scott Butler - Progressive Insurance & Ovo Studios

About the Tool

Welcome to the UCD Decision Matrix Website. This is a tool that provides information about how user-centered design practitioners around the world have had success and failure integrating their processes into the product development lifecycle. 

There are two ways you can view the data:

  1. Free surf mode - summarized data are available and organized by question.

  2. Personal profile mode - custom-tailored content will be presented based on profile information you select.

Other Information

The original survey form

The Excel spreadsheet with the raw survey data

The Powerpoint presentation we used at UPA 2001

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Rich, Jeff, and Scott would like to thank the 100 people who took the time to complete this survey. Many respondents were generous with the amount and quality of information they provided. We hope that the data summarization and insights we provide add value to their experience and expertise.