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Portable Usability Labs

Our Portable Lab Philosophy

Portable labs should be compact, robust, and able to leverage commercial off-the-shelf components for emergency repairs.

As practitioners who have traveled with portable labs, we know the challenges associated with usability testing on the road. We designed a portable lab that meets our standards for methodological flexibility, portability, and ease-of-use.

Set-Up Time Metrics

Our lab takes about 15 minutes to set up and 15 minutes to pack up.

With an Ovo Studios portable lab, while you are packing up your lab, you can burn your preliminary report and all A/V data to a CD-ROM for your customer. On the plane ride home, you can write your report, make highlights, and publish your report in web-ready format.

Portable Usability Lab Case Ovo Studios Portable Labs give you the usability lab functionality you require in a form-factor designed for travel. These labs have been carefully designed to balance portability, cost, setup time, and maintainability. An Ovo Studios Portable Lab means no more shipping wheeled crates of A/V equipment to customer sites or trade shows. Contact Us about a Portable Lab.

An Ovo Studios Portable Lab:

Ovo Studios Portable Labs are based on Ovo Logger software, which means:

Portable Usability Lab Schematic

Use Cases

The Ovo Studios portable usability lab is designed for the following data gathering situations:

The anticipated interview environment is a conference room where the user and administrator are co-located at a table or desk, each working at their own computer. In the event of a software usability test, if you can source a spare monitor at the customer's site, test administrators can watch the user's computer desktop on that monitor.

*If you record more than two sources in your fixed lab, you will need the processing power of a workstation computer. In that case, you will need a dedicated notebook computer for portable testing.

Included Equipment

Our portable usability labs consist of the following components:

In short, an Ovo Studios Portable Lab is an Ovo Studios Fixed Lab that is optimized for travel and limited by the hardware capabilities of a notebook computer architecture. For a complete understanding of Ovo Logger's capabilities, please refer to the Ovo Logger software pages.

Contact Us about a Portable Usabilty Lab

If you would like more information about Ovo Studios Portable Labs, please contact us.