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Ovo Workstation - Console for Usability Testing

The Ovo Workstation fuses the power of Ovo Studios logging and recording software with the functionality of Ovo Studios Fixed Usability Labs to create a single workstation that serves as the hub for your fixed usability lab operations.

Usability Testing Console for Fixed Usability Lab
Monitor layout shown above and described below, while typical, is configurable.

The left monitor contains:

  • Data logging interface.
  • Recording controls.
  • Camera pan/tilt/zoom controls.
  • Video preview from ceiling camera.
  • Video preview from face camera #02.
  • Video distribution controls.

The right monitor contains:

  • Video preview from user's computer.
  • Video preview from face camera #01.

The right monitor also:

  • Is an extension of the left-hand monitor, so video preview windows can be dragged between the two monitors.
  • Can be distributed to your observation room, giving you drag-and-drop configurability for your observers' viewing experience.

Practitioners who are familiar with the challenges of controlling a usability lab will immediately recognize the simplicity and cost savings that an Ovo Workstation offers.

Ovo Workstations can be retrofitted into existing fixed usability labs or included as part of a new Ovo Studios fixed usability lab. Feel free to contact us to discuss implementation details and costs.