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Usability Lab Support Services: LabManager+

Back in the day when scan converters roamed the earth, companies with usability labs had staff on hand to help with A/V-related matters. These were the Usability Lab Managers. Ovo Studios drew upon that job title to name our LabManager+ Services.

LabManager+ Services protect your company's investment in your fixed or portable usability lab.

During the period of time that a LabManager+ agreement is in force, Ovo Studios waives charges for time unless the problem pertains to a computer that your company sourced. This time waiver even includes trouble-shooting trips in the event that a problem cannot be diagnosed over the phone with a dedicated representative from your team. In cases like these, your company simply reimburses our actual travel costs.

LabManager+ is provided to all usability lab customers for the first year of their lab.

We can't say that our labs are perfect, but we stand by our customers. LabManager+ exemplifies that commitment.