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Fixed Usability Labs

Fixed Usability Lab Control Room Turnkey, User-Centered Labs, No Matter the Scenario 

You never know what product you are going to usability test next. This week itís a website. Then itís a paper prototype. Next month, a point-of-sale credit card terminal in a London taxi! With labs in use at corporate, government, military, and educational facilities around the world, Ovo Studios can recommend, design and fabricate solutions that help you conduct user research. Contact Us about a Fixed Lab.

Ovo Studios draws on years of design and implementation experience to customize each fixed lab to the needs of individual researchers. Ovo Studios fixed labs are designed to withstand the rigors of daily testing while also being easy to learn, maintain, and upgrade.

Fixed Usability Lab Observation Room Minimalist & Intuitive Ė Designed for usability professionals by usability professionals, Ovo Studios lab equipment fits unobtrusively into a 20Ē rack that can be tucked beneath a work surface in the control room. Monitors, microphones, keyboards, and mice are the only equipment we place on a worksurface.

Some lab solutions show photos of angled consoles with embedded monitors. These setups might look cool, but minimalism affords the following benefits:

Fixed Usability Lab in an OR SettingExtensible Solutions for Any Product Domain

When a US-based medical hardware manufacturer was looking for a usability lab solution, they turned to Ovo Studios. They wanted to deploy a fixed lab in an operating room environment. Besides the basic requirement of recording the output of three cameras, a fluoroscope, and audio with all inputs being synchronized with logged observations, the A/V equipment needed to be mobile to accommodate reorganizations of the OR.

If an Ovo Studios fixed lab can be customized to meet the needs of a medical device manufacturer, we can probably accommodate your fixed lab requirements too.

Ovo Logger Technologies

All Ovo Studios fixed labs incorporate the best of Ovo Logger and Ovo Studios services.

Lab Controls Embedded in Ovo Logger Software Ė Ovo Studios Fixed Labs are controlled through Ovo Logger 7.0ís software interface. As a result, you donít need to learn how to use a rack full of A/V equipment and you donít need to clutter your countertop with cables, camera controllers, and digital video mixers. 

Fixed Usability Lab Equipment Rack Cross Platform, Software Independent, Resolution Independent Screen Recording - Ovo Logger software enables you to record any operating system, at any resolution, and does not require software to be installed on the userís machine. Also, the file sizes generated by our screen capture are in the 2-4 MB/minute range compared with other solutions that can consume upwards of 20 MB/minute.

Eight-Source Video Recording Ė Ovo Studios is the only lab vendor in the industry capable of capturing a combination of 8 unique video, eye tracking and screen capture sources. In Ovo Logger, each source records independently and can be mixed in any combination, size, position and transparency.

An A/V Expert is Just a Call Away Ė With an Ovo Studios LabManager+ Support Contract, experienced Ovo Studios professionals are at your disposal for troubleshooting, usage questions, retraining, or lab tune-ups.

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